Your Hosts

Your hosts, Karen and Robert, live on site which means someone will usually be on hand if there is anything you need. Heidi and Nula are our two dogs, Betty, Bob and Banker our three cats. We also have ducks and chickens.

Having spent many years working in senior marketing roles in the UK, Karen appreciates that holidays are important times to get away from the pressures and concerns that plague the daily working life and set up La Grange Terrou with the aim of creating an environment where clients can relax and get away from it all.

Two passions in Karen’s life are her horses and her garden. Sundays are sometimes her day off because that is when show jumping competitions take place, but daily she will be training in the sand school (if you have looked at us on Google Earth that’s what the big rectangular brown shape is). The white shape is the polytunnel, next to the vegetable patch, and the source of the wonderful home grown fruit and veg

Robert is another keen gardener and also keen on all things mechanical, especially his tractors. Robert was previously a property developer in London and can turn his hand to most things which is lucky because there is always something that needs doing on a property this size! Thankfully we have some fairly major machinery to help us with the tough lifting, carrying and garden maintenance.